Fordham Community Allotments

Fordham Community Allotments Association

The Fordham allotments have existed in their current location on Church Road, Fordham near Colchester for around a hundred years albeit in the 1960’s reducing considerably to the four family plots now in use.  These four plots have been subdivided enabling more than twenty allotment holders to use the site and at the same time providing smaller plots better matched to today’s needs.  Unusually Fordham Allotments are privately rented with the landowner allowing the allotment holders to largely self-manage the site.  This has the advantage of allowing most maintenance activities to be done on a self-help basis rather than organised by the site owner and charged back to allotment holders through annual rentals.

In March 2019 the Allotment Holders formed Fordham Community Allotment Association with an elected committee with the aim of developing a thriving, tidy and attractive allotment site that benefits plot holders, the local community and wildlife.

Any Fordham residents who wish to go on the Allotment Waiting List should contact Dave Bodle by email at


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